Winter Olympics Betting Guide

As the sports betting industry continues to grow in the United States, betting on the Olympics has become legal. The Winter Olympics are considered the smaller of the two events, but there are still plenty of great betting options available.

Beijing will be the host for the Winter Olympic Games set to take place in February 2022, and the United States will once again be sending a large contingent of athletes. Betting on American athletes is the most popular form of Olympic betting in the United States, but sportsbooks will feature bets with other countries participating as well.

Even though betting on the Winter Olympics is growing in popularity, the betting looks slightly different than it does for other betting options. This guide will break down some of the most common ways to bet on the Winter Olympics as well as point out where to place the bets.

iconBetting on Team Competitions

Curling and ice hockey are the two biggest team competitions at the Winter Olympics, with ice hockey being the main event. The best hockey players in the world take the ice every four years, and the action is always extremely competitive.

Since ice hockey is one of the biggest sports at the Winter Olympics, here is a brief overview of betting on that event.

iconMoneyline Bets

A moneyline bet is one of the easiest bets to understand, and it is a great bet for beginners to make. A moneyline bet is simply picking the winner of a certain hockey game. Sportsbooks will set betting odds and lines for both teams in the game, and it’s up to the bettor to pick a winner.

iconSpread Betting

Spread betting is another type of bet that will be offered for each hockey game at the Winter Olympics. Most hockey spreads are listed at -1.5 for every game, although sportsbooks can change these lines whenever they see fit.

What this means is that the winning team would need to win by at least two goals to win the bet, while the losing team can lose the game by just one goal for them to be the right pick.

iconTotals Betting

Total betting focuses on the total number of goals scored in a hockey game. Bettors do not have to pick the winning team as long as they can choose if the two teams will combine to score “over” or “under” the line that is listed.

iconBetting on Individual Events

Most of the events at the Winter Olympics are individual events, meaning that athletes compete against opponents from other countries. Each sport will offer unique betting opportunities, but there three types of bets that are common for individual events.

Pick the Winner

Sportsbooks will assign odds to each athlete competing in an event, giving bettors a chance to pick the winner of the event. These bets must be placed before the event begins unless the event has more than one round.

Medal Winners

Since the Winter Olympics reward the top three athletes with medals, sportsbooks will also take bets on this. Most sportsbooks will offer medal betting in which bettors have to correctly choose the top three athletes and in the correct order.

Other sportsbooks will take bets on whether an athlete will receive a medal, and it doesn’t matter what type of medal they receive. It’s important to check with the sportsbooks before placing these bets to ensure that you know what you are betting on.

Score/Time Betting

Since most events are based on either a score or a time, this is another great way to bet on individual events at the Olympics. This works like total betting in team sports, and bettors are simply choosing “over” or “under.”

Distance is another measure that is used in individual events, and sportsbooks will take bets on this as well. It’s important to understand the rules of each sport, and know how the athletes are judged before placing any of these bets.

iconBetting On the Entire Winter Olympics

The Winter Olympics feature almost two weeks of nonstop action, and some bettors can be overwhelmed when trying to keep up with all of the competition. A great way to combat this is to bet on the Winter Olympics as a whole, and there are some great betting options available.

Each sportsbook will offer up their own unique betting options, but there are two common ways to bet on the Winter Olympics as a whole.

Medal Count

Even though most of the Winter Olympics are about individual events, countries compete against one another in the medal count. This is one of the biggest ways to bet on the Winter Olympics as a whole, and sportsbooks will offer several different medal count betting options.

Prop Betting

Prop betting has become extremely popular in the United States, and it’s a fun way to bet on the Winter Olympics. Most prop bets will focus on things that happen in the competition setting, but other unique prop bets will be offered as well.

Here are a few examples of what prop bets could be offered at the Winter Olympics:

  • Will the United States win a medal in ice hockey?
  • Will Jamaica medal in the bobsled?
  • Will the movie “Cool Runnings” be mentioned when the Jamaican bobsled team is competing?
  • Will any athlete trip while climbing up the medal stand?

iconWhere to Bet on the Winter Olympics

If you plan on betting on the Winter Olympics, you need to find a place that will take your bets. The state of New Jersey has emerged as one of the sports betting industry leaders, and there are two different types of places to bet.

Sportsbooks are legal and regulated throughout the state, and that includes mobile and online betting. Several casinos in Atlantic City are open for business and ready to take your Winter Olympics bets.

NJ Sportsbooks

The list of online sportsbooks in the state of New Jersey continues to grow, but a handful of sportsbooks continue to dominate the market. Almost all of the industry’s biggest names have been launched in New Jersey, and they feature great ways to bet on the Winter Olympics.

Here is a brief list of some of the top online sports betting sites offered in New Jersey:

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USA Casinos

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iconWinter Olympics Betting Guide Summary

Since the Winter Olympics come around just every four years, there are plenty of great betting options available for the event. Even though betting on the Winter Olympics can be different from betting on other sports, there are some similarities.

Betting on the Winter Olympics is offered throughout New Jersey, and there are several great places to bet on the event. You won’t want to miss out on your chance to win big at the next Winter Olympics.