New York Mets at San Diego Padres Betting Preview (June 6)

Check out our betting preview and prediction for the MLB match between New York Mets at San Diego Padres.

The New York Mets were able to secure a win in game three over the San Diego Padres, 4-0. After losing the first two games of the series, the Mets were able to bounce back, claiming a win over the number two team in the NL West. They’ll look to repeat the same success on Sunday when they face the Padres for the final game of the series before heading to Baltimore.

The San Diego Padres had a tough time getting any runs on the board and instead were shut out by the Mets pitching. If they want to have any success on Sunday, they’ll have to overcome their issues at the plate, much as they did in the first two games. The Padres will be facing another good pitcher in the Mets lineup, going against SP Marcus Stroman.

With the odds in this game remaining relatively close, it could deter some bettors from placing a pick here. The Mets faltered early on in the series but showed a lot of promise in game three. The question remains though, who should you take at the sportsbook on Sunday.



SP Marcus Stroman has his work cut out for him against the Padres batting lineup

Marcus Stroman has an ERA of 2.66 with a 4-4 record as a starter. Being one of the Mets’ best pitchers has worked out in his favor, but he’ll have a strong batting lineup to face in game four versus the Padres. Stroman will have to live up to the game that Jacob deGrom put up in the previous night, but the most important thing for the Mets is snagging another win on the road.

The Mets have a near .500 record as an underdog, which is enough to give some bettors confidence considering their performance on Saturday. The Mets seem to have figured out the formula to slow down one of the best batting teams in major league baseball, but Stroman will have to implement it properly to be successful.

The Padres need to take the final game of this series before facing the Chicago Cubs

Sure it was a lackluster night for the Padres, but every team is entitled to some uncharacteristic games. They’ll need to get their batting back on track before they host the Chicago Cubs, even if it’s only for morale sake. A 4-0 loss shouldn’t set the Padres back but what’s concerning is they’ve only won four of their last ten games.

Regardless of their recent performance, they still come in as slight favorites here. Trusting them to take this game will require some faith, though, as they’ve been less than consistent in recent weeks.

Best team to take on Sunday? San Diego Padres -135

The Padres had a rough night on Sunday but have the ability to bounce back and will do so on Sunday. The Padres will put the previous game behind them and perform better on the plate, as they usually do.

Basing the game off their performance in the first two games of the series, you can get a good idea of how the Padres will approach this game. Take the home team on Sunday, San Diego Padres -135.



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