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  • Terrific Sports Betting Reputation
  • Large Number of Banking Options
  • Excellent Customer Support Available
  • Huge Number of Betting Markets
  • Competitive Betting Lines


  • Reputation: Bet365 is one of the most respected sports betting operators in the entire world.
  • Markets: Bet365 offers a wide range of betting markets, both in the US and internationally.
  • Customer Support: The customer service department at bet365 helps set this operator apart from its competitors.
  • Banking: A quick and easy banking process is available at bet365, and there are several deposit and withdrawal methods offered.


  • Availability: One of the biggest negatives of bet365 is that it is not available throughout the US.
  • Bonus: The welcome bonus is extremely limited, and a deposit must be made to hit the bonus

Bet365 NJ info

Name Bet365 NJ
Website URL
Location Hard Rock Atlantic City
Withdrawal Options Visa and Mastercard, online bank transfers, PayPal and Skrill
Operator Bet365
Software Available on Android and iOS mobile devices; also available on Windows
Mobile Betting App Available for download on both Android and iOS

NJ Sportsbook Website Review

Bet365 is one of the biggest names in the sports betting industry, and it has recently launched in the state of New Jersey. The sports betting market in New Jersey is extremely competitive, but this sports betting operator has had little trouble breaking into the market.

Even though bet365 does not feature some of the extra features that other sports betting operators do, this company continues to be one of the leaders in the industry. Bet365 has a terrific reputation, and that reputation has allowed it to build up a terrific customer base.

Bet365 is available for mobile sports betting customers, and it has a wide range of banking options available as well. The bet365 name is synonymous with sports betting, and that hasn’t changed since breaking into the United States.

Bet365 does not have a loyalty program available to customers at this time, but it has plenty of other terrific features that appeal to sports bettors. It’s hard to find another sports betting operator that offers better betting lines or more sports betting markets than bet365.

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Bet365 is a company that is based in the United Kingdom, but it expanded into the United States when the federal ban on sports betting was lifted. Bet365 was founded in 2000, but the company has seen tremendous growth and success over the last 20 years.

Even though bet365 offers online casino games as well, it has focused on sports betting in recent years. There are over 4,000 employees that are full-time at bet365, but that number continues to grow.

Bet365 was able to enter the United States sports betting industry in New Jersey, and now it is looking to expand to other states. Since the company does not hold any land-based casinos in the US, bet365 is forced to partner with other casinos in the US.

bet365 Physical Locations (USA)

Bet365 is one of the biggest names in sports betting worldwide, but it has yet to dominate the market in the United States. The company is available in the United States, but currently, it is limited to just the state of New Jersey.

New Jersey
Hard Rock Atlantic City

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Mobile Betting at bet365

Bet365 also offers an online sports betting site, but its mobile app is extremely popular. Most bettors in the United States prefer to bet through a mobile device, and that is where bet365 excels.

Bet365 offers mobile sports betting through both Android and iOS devices, and its mobile app has all of the same features of the online site.

Banking Options

One of the best features of bet365 is its extensive and efficient banking system. Since bet365 is an internationally-based company, there are several deposit and withdrawal options offered by the sports betting operator.

Bet365 offers almost all of the most common deposit and withdrawal methods available in New Jersey, and all of these methods are quick and easy. Bet365 accepts both Visa and Mastercard, and it accepts online bank transfers as well.

PayPal and Skrill are two of the most popular new deposit methods that are accepted by bet365, and these two methods can be used as withdrawal methods as well. Normally, the deposit method that is chosen signals what withdrawal methods can be used as well.

Customers that win money at bet365 have a few withdrawal methods at their disposal, including requesting a check by mail. This process can take up to two weeks to complete, and other withdrawal methods are better.

Giving bet365 your banking information can be the best way to complete a withdrawal request, and it can be easy to send money back and forth.

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Sports Offered

Since bet365 is an internationally-based sports betting operator, this sportsbook is able to offer more international sports than some of its competitors. Bet365 features the top sporting events in the United States as well, but its international betting markets help to set it apart.

The state of New Jersey has very specific rules and regulations when it comes to what sports can be offered by sports betting operators, and bet365 pushes the limits when it comes to these rules. Bet365 is always looking for new sports and markets to feature on its sportsbook, which keeps its customers engaged.

Here is a small sample of the types of sports and leagues that are offered at bet365:

  • Aussie Rules Football
  • Auto Racing
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Boxing
  • Cricket
  • Darts
  • Football
  • Golf
  • Hockey
  • MMA
  • Soccer
  • Table Tennis
  • Tennis

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Bet Types

Since bet365 is one of the biggest sports betting operators in the world, they offer a wide range of betting types to their customers. Almost all of the sportsbooks in New Jersey offer many betting types, and bet365 keeps up with all of their competitors.

There are several betting types that are considered “common” in the sports betting industry, and bet365 offers these bets on all of the sports that they feature. Along with offering “common” betting types, bet365 also offers some unique betting options.

Here are the common betting types offered at bet365:

  • Moneyline
  • Spread
  • Total
  • Props
  • Future
  • Parlay
  • Teasers

Live betting is another betting type offered at bet365 sportsbook, which has become an extremely popular option for customers. Odds and betting lines are posted in real-time, forcing bettors to make a decision quickly.

InPlay Betting

InPlay betting is common in the sports betting market in New Jersey, but bet365 has taken this to a whole other level. It’s hard to change how InPlay betting works in the sports betting industry, but bet365 has figured out a way to make some huge improvements.

Bet365 has added many different features to its InPlay betting menu, and that has helped to set it apart from the competition. There are three different “views” available to customers when they look at the InPlay betting menu, and that gives customers several different options.

Bet365 has partnered with professional sports teams and leagues that allow them to feature official data into their InPlay betting odds. This also allows bet365 to offer some of the most competitive lines and odds to customers in New Jersey.

Loyalty Program

Unfortunately, bet365 does not offer a loyalty program for sports betting customers in New Jersey. Stay tuned for updates.

Customer Support

There aren’t many sports betting operators in the United States that take customer service as seriously as bet365. The customer support offered from bet365 is one of the many features that helps set them apart from other operators.

The customer service department is offered in 12 different languages, and that is a huge bonus for those customers that don’t use English as their first language. The customer service department at bet365 is available 24/7, and they can be reached in a handful of different ways.

Bet365 offers a live chat feature that can help customers get an answer instantly. Customer service representatives are on the other side of the chat, and they are able to answer questions instantly.

Bet365 also has a dedicated customer service phone number and an email address for customers that are looking for a more detailed explanation. There is also a FAQ section on the website and mobile app, and most customers can find answers to their questions by simply exploring that link.

Other Features

We’ve already discussed almost all of the top features of bet365, and there aren’t any other top features of this site. The lack of a loyalty program is a big knock on the operator, but otherwise, they are extremely competitive in the market.

Bet365 does offer online casino gaming in the state of New Jersey as well, and that allows customers to flip back and forth between platforms. The mobile app is extremely well-designed and includes all of the same features as the online site.

Bet365 is one of the biggest names in the sports betting industry for a reason, and they don’t need to add any special features to secure that spot.

Owner Testimonial

If you are looking to play at one of the top sportsbooks in the world, then bet365 is the sportsbook for you. Bet365 offers a wide range of betting markets and bet types, and our betting lines are extremely competitive. You won’t find a better sportsbook on the market that has all of the features and capabilities as bet365.


There is a reason that bet365 is one of the biggest names in the sports betting industry, and their sports betting online site and mobile app in New Jersey proves it. Bet365 is looking to expand to other states throughout the US, but right now, they are just in New Jersey.

It’s hard to stand out in the crowded market in the state of New Jersey, but bet365 has been able to carve their own path. This sports betting operator has dominated the market internationally, and they have been able to do the same in the US.

Bet365 has a great banking system that is both quick and efficient for their customers, and all of the options are safe and secure. They offer a wide range of betting markets and betting types, and all of the customers should find plenty of options available to them.

Bet365 is set to continue to grow throughout the United States, and it will continue to provide a great sports betting experience to its customers.

Bet365 Sportsbook

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