Giannis Antetokounmpo has taken the NBA by storm. He is one of the most talented and entertaining players in the league. Coming from Greece, he has developed the nickname of “Greek Freak.”

With his unmatched athletic ability at his size, the name suits him well. But Antetokounmpo doesn’t exactly remember the first time he heard it being used.

“I don’t remember the first time I heard about it — it was probably my rookie year — but I really don’t know who came up with it,” he said. “I just went on the court one day, and I had like a crazy dunk or a crazy block, and after that, everyone started calling me the Greek Freak. So it stuck by me, I love it and it’s a cool nickname.”

Giannis is a freak on the court but has a laidback lifestyle. He has had to learn to deal with the pressure of being a household name.

“The most important thing is you cannot lose yourself in it. There’s a lot of pressure, there’s a lot of things that are going to try to pull you from ‘come this way, do this,'” Giannis said. “Giannis and the Greek Freak are two different people. I hope that doesn’t sound arrogant — I’m not trying to sound arrogant — but that’s how I’m trying to think. I’m trying to think when I’m with my family,”

He is the favorite to win the NBA MVP for the second straight season. For announcers and sports fans across the globe, Greek Freak is a little easier to pronounce than his full last name.

He is one of many players that is ready to return to the court following the coronavirus pandemic. His Milwaukee Bucks have the league’s best record and are looking to make a run in the playoffs, representing the East in the finals.

Attempting To Trademark His Nickname

It takes a while for a trademark to happen, but Giannis’ team is trying to make it happen. They filed for use on an online gambling site, among a few other things.

Alex Sataris is taking over the responsibility of trying to get this done for Giannis.

“With the way things are evolving, we’d rather get ahead of things than be behind,” Saratsis said. “If we can one day use it then we will, if not, we will move on.”

Josh Gerben was the trademark lawyer that first discovered the filing, but it is unlikely he will be able to use it anytime soon. Wisconsin will be a lagging state, in regards to passing any sports betting legislation.

The NBA has partnered with MGM on a league wild deal, occurring back in 2018. It is up to states to legalize betting or not.

The only trademark that Giannis currently has on “Greek Freak” only covers clothing. He has moved on to try with sports betting as it grows in popularity. This nickname may end up being a lot more than just an easier name to pronounce.

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