PointsBet has several offers for bettors on NFL Week 2 as well as other sports this weekend.
The NFL started last weekend with the first full slate of games, and PointsBet is ready with a handful of promotions for the Week 2 action.

The sportsbook is celebrating with crowd boosters for sports fans in Illinois and Indiana.

Illinois NFL Odds Boost and Best Price Bets

Chicago Bears legend Devin Hester returned kickoffs 89 yards for a touchdown back in 2007 and 2010. Those were the longest returns of his career.

Now, PointsBet is giving a odds boost to the Chicago Bears in relation to those returns. This weekend, the sportsbook will give you a +89 spread for the Bears “One The House.”

You can bet a maximum of $25 on this promotion. So, if the Bears cover the spread of +89, you can turn that $25 into $50.

For all bets in September for the Chicago Bears, PointsBet is offering the best price for the moneyline and the spread. If other sportsbooks are at -110, PointsBet will offer -105.

With the spreadline at -105, that is a better price than DraftKings, BetRivers, and Fanduel.

Indiana NFL and NCAA Odds Boost

The Colts made Indianapolis their new home back in 1984. In relation to that date, PointsBet is boosting the Colts spread to +84.

Again, this promotion has a maximum bet of $25. But you can turn that $25 into $50 if the Colts cover the large spread of +84.

PointsBet is also offering a spread boost for the Notre Dame game this weekend. Instead of the Fighting Irish having -110 odds to cover the 20-point spread, Pointsbet will be offering +120. This bet has a maximum wager of $50.

NFL No Juice Saturdays

Sometimes, it pays to get your bets in early, and that is the case for this promotion. From Friday 6 pm ET until Sunday 1 am ET, all Sunday and Monday NFL games will have a +100 spreadline.

NFL Make it Rain

If you place an NFL pregame spread bet of at least $25, you will receive an extra $6 of free bets for every touchdown the team you bet on scores.

Here is the Week 1 TD count:

  • Jets = 2 TDs ($12 Free Bets)
  • Bills = 3 TDs ($18 Free Bets)
  • Bears = 3 TDs ($18 Free Bets)
  • Lions = 2 TDs ($12 Free Bets)
  • Chiefs = 4 TDs ($24 Free Bets)
  • Texans = 3 TDs ($18 Free Bets)
  • Cowboys = 2 TDs ($12 Free Bets)
  • Chargers = 2 TDs ($12 Free Bets)
  • Colts = 2 TDs ($12 Free Bets)
  • Jaguars = 3 TDs ($18 Free Bets)
  • Steelers = 3 TDs ($18 Free Bets)
  • Giants = 2 TDs ($12 Free Bets)

New Jersey and Illinois Schedule:

  • New York Giants at Chicago Bears
  • New England Patriots at Seattle Seahawks

Indiana and Iowa Schedule:

  • Minnesota Vikings at Indianapolis Colts
  • New England Patriots at Seattle Seahawks

Marquee Matchup Boosters: Tennessee Titans at Denver Broncos

Drew Lock’s odds to throw two touchdowns for the Broncos is at +100. The PointsBet odds boost is offering it at +125.

Ryan Tannehill’s odds to throw two touchdowns for the Titans is at -135. The PointsBet odds boost is offering it at -115.

AJ Brown’s odds to score a touchdown for the Titans sit at +175. The PointsBet odds boost is offering it for +200.

MLB Bets

If you place a pregame moneyline or run-line bet of at least $25, you will receive $5 in free bets for every home run your team hits.

Here are the upcoming schedules for the respective states.

New Jersey:

  • New York Yankees at Philadelphia Phillies


  • Chicago White Sox at Chicago Cubs

Indiana and Iowa:

  • Chicago White Sox at Minnesota Twins (2)
  • Cleveland Indians at Chicago Cubs
  • Pittsburgh Pirates at St. Louis Cardinals
  • Minnesota Twins at Chicago Cubs
  • Chicago White Sox at Cincinnati Reds