The sports world hasn’t had much to bet on over the last couple of weeks. Now, when a major event happens, all eyes are on them.

That is exactly what happened this past weekend in the Tiger Woods/Peyton Manning vs. Phil Mickelson/Tom Brady charity golf match. It was a fun day of golf between the two teams, but sports fans also had their fun as books across the country.

It was expected to have large numbers, both TV ratings and betting handles. It did not disappoint.

DraftKings told The Action Network that the match doubled their previous top golf handle by 6 pm. The match wasn’t complete until a little after 8 pm. Fans across the country were dialed in to bet and watch the golf legends take on the NFL stars.

PointsBet didn’t see the large numbers that DraftKings did. They reported it was similar to a high-level NBA game. Most people got paid out, betting on the favorite Tiger/Peyton duo to win the match.

The biggest loser of the night might have been UFC President Dana White. He put $15,000 on Brady and Mickelson to come out on top. Unfortunately for him, they came up short on Sunday.

With the UFC doing as well as it is, $15,000 is just some change for White. It was worth it to him to throw some money on Brady. White has worn some of his TB12 attire and seems to be a big Brady fan.

The match was mostly in the hands of Team Tiger most of the night, with a slight comeback by Team Lefty on the second nine. Here are the hole-by-hole results:

Hole Result (Match Score)

  1. Halve (Tied)
  2. Halve (Tied)
  3. Woods/Manning (Woods/Manning 1-up)
  4. Woods/Manning (Woods/Manning 2-up)
  5. Halve (Woods/Manning 2-up)
  6. Woods/Manning (Woods/Manning 3-up)
  7. Halve (Woods/Manning 3-up)
  8. Halve (Woods/Manning 3-up)
  9. Halve (Woods/Manning 3-up)
  10. Halve (Woods/Manning 3-up)
  11. Mickelson/Brady (Woods/Manning 2-up)
  12. Halve (Woods/Manning 2-up)
  13. Halve (Woods/Manning 2-up)
  14. Mickelson/Brady (Woods/Manning 1-up)
  15. Halve (Woods/Manning 1-up)
  16. Halve (Woods/Manning 1-up)
  17. Halve (Woods/Manning 1-up)
  18. Halve (Woods/Manning 1-up)

The first hole started with intros from Samuel L. Jackson, while the rain was coming down at a steady rate. Live odds updated on sportsbooks after every hole, finding its way up to -2500 for Tiger and Peyton after hole 10.

It seemed like the popular bet was Tiger and Peyton, but many people saw the odds advantages of picking Team Phil. FanDuel reported that 51% of the bets were placed on Tiger and Peyton.

PGA Tour

Now that golf fans have warmed up, the PGA Tour is about to pick up. Many sports will still be on suspension as golf begins, being one of the only events to watch.

Mickelson got in a round before the next tournament, which he says he will be a part of. The Charles Schwab Challenge will start on June 11 at the Colonial Country Club.

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