NJ Sports Betting FAQ

NJ Sports Betting FAQ

New Jersey led the fight in the US Supreme Court that saw the ousting of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) which had prohibited sports betting in 46 of the 50 US States for two decades. Now here is NJ Sports Betting FAQ.

In June 2018, it also became the first of those 46 states to sign sports betting into law and with eight internationally-backed sportsbooks already in action in this state in less than six months and a lot more on the way, New Jersey is likely to be seen as the launch-pad of the new era of sports wagering that is expected to sweep through the US in the near future.

Here is a New Jersey sports betting FAQ that should help you get to know a lot more about this exciting new US sports phenomenon.

Since When Has Sports-Betting Been Legal in New Jersey?

Since June 14, 2018, when Governor Phil Murphy signed NJ sports betting into State law. He placed the very first legal wagers at a betting window at the Monmouth Park race track three days later. The first online/mobile sportsbooks went live in July.

Nevada, Delaware, Montano, and Oregon were never included in the PASPA ban, but of the four, only Nevada had been seriously active in the sports betting business during the time the law prohibiting sports betting in the other 46 states was still in place.

Are There Sports Betting Age Limit In NJ?

Yes, you have to be 21 or older to participate and you will need to produce ID proof when you register.

Who offers NJ sports betting?

Most Casinos and racetracks inside the NJ state border as well as a number of internationally-backed online sportsbooks, most of which partner the Casinos and race tracks.

Which NJ Race Tracks offer Sports Betting?

In November 2018 it was at Monmouth Park, The Meadowlands, and Freehold Raceways. All were eligible and had been approved.

Is online and mobile app wagering legal?

Yes, provided you are 21 and older, have registered with proof of your age and that all your online and mobile app wagers are made from within New Jersey. Geo-tracking will prevent you from doing so outside of its borders.

Can anyone go to a retail betting lounge or open a sportsbook on a browser or mobile app and begin betting?

No. Would-be punters must first register with proof of their ID, open an account and make a first deposit before they can start betting – and only the registered player may use this account.

The account will be closed and any winnings made could be confiscated if this rule is not strictly adhered to.

Which Are The Legal Online Sportsbooks In NJ?

By the end of November 2018, there were eight online/mobile sportsbooks operating in New Jersey and more were on the way. Now there are as many as 20+ which are already in operation by 2020. The legitimate online sportsbooks today are (in alphabetical order) below.
The Casinos and race tracks with asterisks are partnered by independent online sportsbooks. Online Sportsbooks are marked by the hash sign #.

The operators:


Are offshore sportsbooks legal in NJ?

No. Only the above sportsbooks which are licensed and regulated by the New Jersey Gambling authority are legal. Some dot-com sportsbooks are operating illegally so to be sure that the sportsbook of your choice is not one of these, check to see if it carries the official DGE seal.

Can I bet on college sports teams in New Jersey?

No you cannot. New Jersey sports betting regulations prohibit wagering on collegiate sports or college athletic events that take place in New Jersey, as well as any single-game event that involves a New Jersey college or university team, no matter where the event takes place.

Can I Place A Sports Bet In Any State That Allows Daily Fantasy Sports Gaming?

No. Sports betting and daily fantasy sports are distinctly different products and are regulated by differed laws. Betting on New Jersey sportsbooks is currently only legal in the state of New Jersey.

Is there a glossary of terms that will help you better understand sports betting in New Jersey?

Yes, you can find it under NJ Sportsbook Resources on our front page, or you can click here.

How many different types of sports can I bet on in NJ?

You can wager on all major US professional and College sporting persons and events save for college sports played in New Jersey or featuring NJ teams elsewhere, but the total number of international sports offered varies quite widely between a dozen and twice that number.

BetStars, Sugarhouse, DraftKings, and 888sports currently offer the largest New Jersey sports menus.

The numbers of betting markets within each sport also differ, so check them out to find the sportsbook that best suits your needs. Also, check out pricing. The price of bets can also differ, sometimes by large margins.

What are the most popular types of sports wagers?

You can get an answer to this question by clicking on NJ Sportsbook Resources on our front page or by clicking here.

Do some sports lend themselves to unique types of bets?

Yes, certainly, and to find out more about some of these bets, you can go to our individual betting guides in our NJ Sportsbook Resources on our front page or by clicking on one of the links below:

Must Deposits to your NJ Sportsbook account be made in New Jersey?

No, not necessarily. Payments can be made to most sportsbooks from both inside and outside of NJ using credit and debit cards, Instant eChecks, Neteller, PayPal, Skrill, Online Banking, linked Casino Cards, or with cash at a PayNearMe 7/11 or at Casino Cashier cages inked to a online sportsbooks.

How can you withdraw money from your NJ sportsbook account?

You won’t be able to use your credit card, or a 7/11 store to withdraw your winnings, but PayPal, if you made your deposit with this institution, likewise Instant eCheck, Neteller and Skrill, should generally be OK.

You will also be able to withdraw over-the-counter cash at the Casinos and Race tracks which or linked to sportsbooks or you could request payment by old-fashioned paper checks, either posted or delivered by a courier. This latter method can take much more time than most of the others.

How safe are your personal details and financial transactions with NJ sportsbooks?

As safe as you can possibly get on the internet – this because the reputable licensed and regulated sportsbooks listed above all use high-quality encryption technology so as to prevent identity theft and financial fraud.

Are there maximum and minimum amounts you can wager?

Yes, but because these amounts vary widely, you should check them out on the sportsbook you have chosen to use before making deposits and withdrawals.

Is any other currency, beside the US Dollar, accepted by NJ sportsbooks?

No. One or two of them have indicated they might be willing to accept Bitcoin, but this will have to be individually verified by the sportsbook in question.

Are your winnings on NJ Sportsbooks taxable?

Yes. If your winnings are substantial it would be worth your while to consult your tax accountant on this subject

Will NJ sportsbooks report your winnings to the IRS?

Yes, the law says they must make out an IRS W-28 form for the customer with each winning wager and send copies to the IRS.

For bets that pay out more than $5 000, W-2G forms are generated automatically and sent to the IRS and the customer’s place of residence and 25 % of his winnings are withheld and sent directly to the IRS.

Do all NJ sportsbooks offer Welcome bonuses?

No. Most do. But not all – and of those that do, their bonuses vary widely in value, some with conditions that require a large spend on bets before any winnings on them can be withdrawn, e.g. some sportsbooks offer bonuses in the hundreds of dollars, but require you to make wagers worth six times their value ($3000 on a bonus of $500) before you can withdraw any winnings.

Are the promotions packages and rewards a consistent feature of NJ Sportsbooks?

Yes and no. Not all NJ sportsbooks offer loyalty rewards but of those that do, they usually link them to their Casino reward packages and give them a long, on-going shelf life.

Promotions packages are different. Being linked, as most of them are, to a major sporting event like the Super Bowl, the Soccer World Cup, or the Masters Golf and US Open Tennis Championships, they are usually short-lived.

To avoid disappointment you should always make it your business to know as much as you can about this aspect of the sportsbook industry.

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