Privacy And Security

Privacy and securityAll of the established New Jersey sportsbooks go out of their way using state of the art technology to offer users of their gambling services strict security on all financial transactions and on all personal and private information they may collect from or about you.

To help you understand what all this means we bring you this Privacy Policy feature with the understanding that because the individual policies of the various New Jersey sportsbooks may differ some, you should familiarize yourself with the policies of the specific sportsbook you are using.

How is privacy protected?

The sportsbooks use electronic, physical and organizational safeguards to protect all non-public, private and confidential information.

They also require any personal or organization providing services to customers on their behalf to maintain the same strict standards.

Only authorized employees and contractors, including consultants, are allowed access to personal information.

And former customers are afforded the same protections as existing customers.

What type of info is collected?

‘Personal information’ is necessary to administer the betting platform you are using – and to register an account and make transactions using this account.

It could also be required in a wide range of other circumstances, such as when you log in to make online bets, send emails, text messages, and Whats Apps or talk live to their customer services.

‘Personal Information’ includes, but is not limited to, any information by which you can be personally identified.

It could include your first name, last name, address, phone number, email address, credit card number, social security number, date of birth, purchase information, gaming information, and other similar information.

“Non-Personal Information” is information about you that does not identify you.

How sportsbooks use personal information

Following are some of the ways in which personal information is used by New Jersey sportsbooks

  • To notify customers about promotions, updates to games and services. Also to make special offers
  • When improving betting services and when offering new products.
  • To track your gaming activities for use in market research;
  • To generate aggregate statistical studies about customers;
  • When they contact you in response to inquiries, comments, and suggestions;
  • To provide you with a secure and safe environment;
  • To protect and defend your rights or property or enforce agreements.
  • When processing credit card, ACH and/or other financial transactions,
  • To make contact with you when necessary;
  • To identify and verify your information,
  • When making and taking payments
  • To analyze fraud and credit risk and otherwise with your consent or as permitted or required by law or for compliance with regulatory requirements.

Traffic Data

Like Google and Facebook, the New Jersey sportsbooks automatically track and collect general log information when you visit them.

This may include but is not limited to (i) internet protocol (IP) address, (ii) domain server, (iii) operating system, and (iv) type of web browser as well as the pages you visit

Traffic Data does not personally identify you but is helpful for marketing purposes and for improving your sports betting experience.

Sportsbook operators use Traffic Data to report aggregated activity and to better understand the needs of their customers.

This so they can make informed decisions regarding the content and design of their Platforms, for fraud prevention purposes, for recognizing geo-locations and for the detecting irresponsible gaming issues.

Traffic data also enables sportsbooks

  • To glean audience size and usage patterns
  • In learn what information is of most and least interest;
  • To speed up customer searches;
  • In learning of any platform performance problems; and
  • To apply up-to-date fraud prevention.

Traffic Data may be collected via various technologies including, but not limited to, cookies, IP addresses, and transparent GIFs (Graphics Interchange Format, a software technology also known as a pixel tag).

Device and Connection Information

If you have downloaded sportsbook software to your device, they might already have collected information for fraud detection and security prevention.

For example; they might want to collect information with regard to other software running simultaneously with their betting software to see if you are using software which is associated with the fraudulent activity (e.g. malware, etc.) or checking if the connection you are using is via a VPN or proxy.

Geo-location Data

When using the betting services of New Jersey sportsbooks, you should know that they will have collected your location coordinate data because by law you must be within the Garden State to make a wager with one of its sportsbooks.

A record confirming your presence within the State may be retained for up to 10 years as required by the applicable state and federal regulations.

The Sportsbooks may reserve the right at all times to disclose any information as may be necessary to satisfy any law, regulation or governmental request, to avoid liability, or to protect their rights or property.

Social Security Number

You should know that sportsbooks or their third party service providers will collect your social security number, either directly from you or from other third parties such as credit bureaus, financial service providers or identity verification partners…

But they will use and disclose this information only for performing ID checks, verification and fraud prevention purposes, and as required under applicable laws (such as anti-money laundering regulations).

Information Disclosure to Affiliated Entities

For business purposes, New Jersey sportsbooks may share certain personal and non-personal Information they have about you, and about your transactions with them with their affiliates, including casinos and other online and web-based businesses.

And if you opt to participate in their “self-restriction” or “self-exclusion” protective programs, this Information may also be disclosed to their affiliates.

Information Disclosure to Non-Affiliated Entities

As permitted by law, New Jersey sportsbooks may share the information they collect from and about you with non-affiliated third parties.

They could include those who provide them with services such as credit card processing, credit checks, and processing.

Could include service providers of services related to the operation or promotion of their sports platforms.

They may also transfer your personal information when there has been a sale or reorganization of their assets or a merger with another gaming service provider.

All personal and non-personal Information stored by them will be made available to the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement if required

Your personal information may also be disclosed to third parties for the following purposes

  • As required by law or regulation;
  • To comply with legal, regulatory or administrative requirements of any governmental authority, including gaming regulators.
  • When complying with a court order, subpoena, search warrant or other valid legal processes.
  • To perform background checks for any reason which includes but is not limited to any investigation into your identity, any credit checks or any inquiries into your personal history;
  • Or to enable you to participate in offline events and tournaments so as to provide you with a prize.
  • In connection with any legal action, claim or dispute, including but not limited to the collection of debts; and
  • For the protection of persons or property.

How to Access, Update or Correct Personal Information

In most cases, this can be achieved by e-mailing Customer Support of the sportsbook you are using and requesting a copy of the personal information about you that they have stored on their files. Likewise, you can use email if you wish to make changes to your personal information.

Sportsbook Changes To Private Information

Most New Jersey sportsbooks reserve the right to amend, modify, update and change any term or condition of their Privacy Policy from time to time and you may have to accept such changes if you wish to continue using their betting Services.

Legal Age policy

It is New Jersey law that no person under the age of 21 is permitted to make online sports bets. Nor can they wager or even loiter at land-based betting counters in NJ Casinos and race tracks.

Persons younger than this legal age are not permitted to accept offers, or place sports bets and all New Jersey sportsbooks reserve the right to verify their age at any time for any reason and may decline to register or accept sports bets from any person who does not have a valid age-identification.

Online Security

Without exception, all New Jersey sportsbooks use high-quality technology to safeguard the Personal Information they collect from unauthorized entities trying to get access to it.

However, due to the design of the Internet, they are hesitant to absolutely guarantee that communications between you and their servers will be completely secure or free from unauthorized access by third parties.

External Links

New Jersey sportsbook platforms contain hyperlinks to other websites that may have information policies and practices that are different from theirs.

The fact that they have provided a link to a site is NOT an endorsement, authorization, sponsorship, or affiliation with them with respect to such sites, its owners, or its providers. Links to other websites are provided only as a convenience to you.

They will tell you that they are not responsible for the content, validity, privacy policies or reliability of any linked website not within their family.

There are risks in using any information, software, products or services found on the Internet. Users should always make sure they fully understand these risks before making use of the links.

Opting out of Direct Mail

Out of respect for your privacy, most New Jersey sportsbooks will assist you to turn down marketing emails and Direct Mail from them or their affiliates or any of other business partners.

When you request them to end sending these types of communications they will explain how to unsubscribe from their mailing lists.

In most cases, it may take them a few days to do so and they will reserve the right to send you non-marketing notices about your account, even if you opt-out of all email notifications.

Your rights to your personal information

You can use email to ask for a copy of all your Personal Information which may have been stored on the files of a sportsbook.  You may also use e-mail to make changes to the files.

You should know that New Jersey Sportsbooks hold that by giving them your personal information, registering with them or logging on to their betting Platforms, you are allowing them to collect, process and disclose personal information as per their privacy policy.

Non-US Residents

It is illegal to place wagers with New Jersey sportsbooks from outside the borders of the Garden State. But you may register with and transfer funds to and from using other States and countries.

Do not provide your personal information to us if you do not want this information to be transferred or held outside of the USA, or if the laws in your country prevent cross-border transfers.

In this case, you should go to the sportsbook in question’s ‘Contact Us’ or ‘Customer Support’ for help.


The information contained in this Resources feature is a summary of the Privacy Policies of a number of sportsbooks in New Jersey and should be seen as a general guide to help users of sportsbooks understand how and why their private information is protected, the reasons it is required by the sportsbooks and their partners and the manner in which it is used.

As we stated at the start of the guide, the Privacy Policies of the New Jersey sportsbooks are not all exactly the same and we have presented this guide with the understanding that you familiarize yourself with the specific policy of the individual sportsbook you are using and if necessary with the the State laws associated with Sports Betting.
This guide merely reflects what the sportsbooks tell us and we cannot be held responsible for the information it contains.