Stanley Cup Finals Betting Guide

The Stanley Cup Finals is widely considered one of the most exciting events in all of sports. The National Hockey League offers a terrific playoff atmosphere, and that gets taken up a notch when the Stanley Cup Finals begin.

The Stanley Cup Finals is a best-of-seven series that features the two best teams in hockey battling for the chance to lift Lord Stanley’s Cup. The champions from the Eastern and Western Conferences square off, with the team that had the most regular-season points holding home-ice advantage.

There are 16 teams that make the NHL Playoffs each year, and the Stanley Cup Finals is the fourth and final round. Betting on hockey is not extremely popular in the United States, but there is plenty of action on the Stanley Cup Finals.

The most popular bets are on the individual games of the Stanley Cup Finals, but there are also other ways to get involved. This article will discuss the various ways to bet on each game as well as betting on the Stanley Cup Finals as a whole.

icon Betting on the game

Betting on each game of the Stanley Cup Finals is extremely popular, and there are some great betting options. Here are four of the most common single-game betting options that are available.

iconMoneyline Betting

Moneyline betting is the simplest form of betting when it comes to betting on the Super Bowl. Sportsbooks will give odds to each team, and bettors can then pick which team they think will win the big game.

Throughout the regular season, moneyline betting odds are usually pretty spread out, but the odds for the two teams in the Super Bowl are usually similar. Simply pick a team and hope that team lifts the Lombardi Trophy.

iconSpread Betting

Spread betting is sometimes referred to as “betting against the spread,” and this works the same way that it does for other sports. Sportsbooks will set the line for each game, but in hockey, the spread is almost always set at -1.5.

Here is an example:

iconSt. Louis Blues -1.5
iconWashington Capitals +1.5

The Blues would need to win the game by two goals to win the bet, while the Capitals just need to keep the final score within one goal if they lose

iconTotals Betting

Totals betting focuses on the total number of goals scored in each game of the Stanley Cup Finals. Sportsbooks will almost always offer lines at -110 for each side of this bet, which is sometimes referred to as an over/under bet.

Here is what this might look like:

Stanley Cup Finals Game 3: Detroit Red Wings vs. Nashville Predators

  • Over 4.5 Goals
  • Under 4.5 Goals

If the two teams combine to score at least five goals, then the over is the correct pick. The under would win if the two teams combine to score four or fewer goals.

iconPlayer Props

Prop betting is extremely popular on major sporting events, and the Stanley Cup Finals qualifies for that. Player prop betting focuses on a certain player and their individual achievements in a game. Here are some examples:

playerPatrick Kane:
O/U 1.5 Points
playerAlexander Ovechkin:
O/U 4.5 Shots on Goal

iconTeam Prop Betting

Team prop betting works the same way as player prop betting does, but sportsbooks offer odds for each team in the matchup. Sportsbooks will change up the team props that they offer for each game, which means that you need to continue checking for the odds. Here are what this might look like:

  • Colorado Avalanche O/U 4.5 Penalties
  • Florida Panthers O/U 35.5 Shots on Goal

icon Betting the event

Even though betting on each game of the Stanley Cup Finals is the most popular, there are some great ways to bet on the event as well. Since the Stanley Cup Finals are such a big event, sportsbooks will offer plenty of unique ways to bet on the event.

Prop Betting

We already discussed player and team prop betting options when it comes to the Stanley Cup Finals, but there are also prop bets offered on the event. These generally focus on things like TV commercials, National Anthem singers, and the television broadcast.

Here are a few examples of what prop bets might be offered:

  • Length of National Anthem for Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals.
  • Will the broadcast crew reference President Donald Trump during the telecast?
  • Will President Donald Trump show up at one of the games?
  • Will a Budweiser commercial be shown during the first period of Game 1?

Series Betting

Sportsbooks will also offer series betting odds, giving you a chance to make a bet before the games begin. This type of bet forces you to not only pick the correct champion but also select the exact number of games that it will take.

Here is an example of this:

  • Chicago Blackhawks in 4 +525
  • Chicago Blackhawks in 5 +310
  • Chicago Blackhawks in 6 +125
  • Chicago Blackhawks in 7 +210
  • Boston Bruins in 4 +750
  • Boston Bruins in 5 +510
  • Boston Bruins in 6 +325
  • Boston Bruins in 7 +185

iconWhere to Bet the Game

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iconStanley Cup Finals Betting Summary

Even though betting on hockey is not extremely popular in the United States, that changes in a big way once the Stanley Cup Finals starts. Hockey has one of the best playoff structures in all of professional sports, and the Finals draws plenty of attention.

There are several ways to bet on the Stanley Cup Finals, which is another reason why a large number of people get involved. Bettors don’t have to know a ton about hockey to bet on the Stanley Cup Finals, which is another reason why it has become so popular.

If you have never bet on the Stanley Cup Finals, you should work on changing that this year. Create an account at an online sportsbook or visit a casino that offers sports betting and get your bets in today.