World Cup Betting Guide

The World Cup is the biggest soccer tournament in the world, and teams from all around the globe take place in the event. The World Cup is held every four years, and there is both a men’s and women’s tournament.

Qualifying for the World Cup is extremely difficult, and teams spend many years trying to play their way into the field. The tournament is then made up in groups, and the top two teams from each group qualify for the elimination round.

The elimination round is made up of just 16 teams, and it’s a single-elimination tournament. With the top players and teams from around the world competing, it draws in a huge audience.

Betting on soccer is not extremely popular in the United States, but it is popular around the world. Sportsbooks offer a large number of bets every four years when the World Cup takes place, and there are some great chances to win big.

icon Betting on Each Game

The best way to bet on the World Cup is to bet on each game of the tournament. There are plenty of games that take place, which gives bettors a large number of chances to win some money.

Sportsbooks offer several betting types as well, and bettors can decide what types of bets they want to focus on. Here are a few of the top betting options for each game of the World Cup.


A moneyline bet in soccer is commonly referred to as a Match Odds bet, but it works the same way as it does in other sports. The only real difference is that there are three different outcomes that can occur with a moneyline soccer bet.

Here is what a moneyline or Match Odds bet might look like:

iconUnited States -125
iconBrazil +135
iconDraw +200

Moneyline bets in the World Cup will always feature a draw (tie) option, and many matches will end in this result.

iconTotal Goals

Total goals is another popular soccer bet, and this bet is a great way to bet on the World Cup. This type of bet works in the same way as a total bet in other sports.

A total goals bet does not require the bettor to choose which team will win the bet, but instead simply focuses on the combined total of goals scored. This type of bet is sometimes referred to as an over/under bet as well, and it’s extremely popular.

iconCorrect Score

Since most soccer matches are relatively low-scoring, sportsbooks will also offer what is called a correct score bet. This might seem like an incredibly difficult bet to make, but there is some real money available with this betting option.

Sportsbooks will include a long list of options for this type of bet, but there will only be one winning option. A correct score bet only focuses on the result for the first 90 minutes, and extra time does not count.

iconFirst Goal

Another unique soccer bet that is offered for each game of the World Cup is what is known as a “first goal” bet. Most sportsbooks will offer this type of bet in two different forms.

Sportsbooks will take bets on which team will score the first goal in a soccer match, and they will also offer bets on which player will score the first goal.

iconProp Betting

Prop betting is extremely popular in the United States, and it is a common betting option, especially for large sporting events. Both team and player prop betting options will be offered for each game of the World Cup, and this can bring some extra excitement to the tournament.

Here are some examples of what prop bets will be offered:

Lionel Messi:
Will Lionel Messi score two goals
in one match?
playerAlex Morgan:
Will Alex Morgan score in the first half?
Team Japan:
Will Team Japan record at least five
yellow cards?

iconBetting the event

For bettors that prefer focusing on the World Cup as a whole, there are some great betting options for that as well. Bets for the entire World Cup can be placed before the games even begin, but there will be options that are offered throughout the tournament as well.

Tournament Props

We already discussed prop betting for each game of the World Cup, but tournament prop betting will be offered as well. Sportsbooks will offer different props throughout each tournament, and it’s impossible to predict what props will be offered. Here are a few examples of what you might see:

  • Will a team from Group B win the World Cup?
  • Will any team finish a game in the World Cup with nine players?
  • Will any team record three shutouts in the group stage?

Future Bets

A future bet is the most common bet that is placed on the World Cup as a whole. Future bets are available months ahead of the tournament kicking off, and the odds remain open throughout the tournament.

This type of bet involves picking the country that will win the World Cup, and it is offered for both the men’s and women’s fields. There is a chance to win some big money when placing a Future bet at a sportsbook, but it’s also a hard bet to win.

iconWhere to Bet on the World Cup

Now that we’ve covered how to bet on the World Cup, we must also talk about where to bet on the event. The sports betting industry in the United States continues to grow, and there are two main types of betting options available.

Online sports betting has become the most popular way to bet, and there are several great options, especially in New Jersey. Casinos throughout the country also feature retail sportsbooks, and these are great places to bet as well.

Online Sportsbooks

New Jersey has emerged as a real leader in the sports betting industry, and its large number of online sportsbooks have made that possible. Almost all of the biggest names in the industry are up and running in New Jersey, and they are ready to take your World Cup bets.

Here are some of the top online sports betting operators in New Jersey:

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Atlantic City Casinos

Even though online betting is the most popular way to bet in New Jersey, there are still plenty of retail sportsbooks. All of the casinos are located in Atlantic City, and this is one of the biggest gambling markets in the country.

Here are some of the top casinos in Atlantic City that offer retail sportsbooks:


iconWorld Cup Betting Guide Summary

The World Cup is one of the biggest sporting events in the world, and even non-soccer fans are drawn to the event every four years. When the United States is competing in the field, sportsbooks in the country see plenty of betting action.

With so many betting options available to bettors, there is a real chance to win some money by betting on the World Cup. If you have not watched the World Cup or bet on the event, the next time it occurs is the perfect chance to get involved.