How to Bet on Super Bowl LV 2021

How to Bet on the Super Bowl Online?

icon Super Bowl Betting Guide

The Super Bowl is the championship game of the National Football League, and it has become the biggest sporting event of the year. The event usually takes place at the beginning of February, and the site is chosen years in advance.

The Super Bowl features the champions of both the American Football Conference and the National Football Conference playing just one game to decide the champion. Super Bowl LV (55) will take place on February 7, 2021, at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Fla.

Betting on the NFL is the most popular sport to bet on in the United States, and the Super Bowl is the biggest one-day event. Super Bowl LIV in 2020 saw more than $270 million in total betting handle, with over half of that money coming from sportsbooks in Las Vegas.

The numbers continue to increase, and New Jersey is one of the states that continues to see huge growth in Super Bowl betting. There was over $54 million in bets placed at sportsbooks and casinos in New Jersey, making them the second-biggest state in terms of handle.

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How to bet on Super Bowl LV 2021

Even though betting on the Super Bowl has become a huge event, a majority of the money is still bet on the actual game. There are many different ways to bet on the Super Bowl, and all of the top sportsbooks and casinos will offer the following betting options listed below.

iconMoneyline Betting: Super Bowl Betting Odds 2021

Moneyline betting is the simplest form of betting when it comes to betting on the Super Bowl. Sportsbooks will give odds to each team to win the Super Bowl, and bettors can then pick which team they think will win the big game.

Throughout the regular season, moneyline betting odds are usually pretty spread out, but the odds for the two teams in the Super Bowl are usually similar. Simply pick a team and hope that team lifts the Lombardi Trophy.

iconSpread Betting & Super Bowl Point Spread

Spread betting is the most popular form of betting when it comes to football, and especially the Super Bowl. Sportsbooks will set the line and assign points based on the probability of a certain outcome to occur. The odds could look like this:

iconChicago Bears -4.5
iconKansas City Chiefs +4.5

The Chicago Bears would need to win the game by at least five points to be the correct pick in this scenario. The Kansas City Chiefs need to keep the final score within four points to win the bet.

iconTotal Betting & Super Bowl Over Under

Total betting doesn’t involve picking a winner of the big game but instead focuses on the total number of points scored. Bettors get to choose whether the total score will go over or under the odds set by the sportsbook or casino. This is another popular form of betting in football, specifically Super Bowl Over Under predictions.

iconPlayer Prop Betting & Super Bowl Prop Bets

Player prop betting is similar to team prop betting but focuses on a player’s individual statistics. Here are a few examples prop bets:

playerTom Brady:
O/U 257.5 Passing Yards
Tom Brady:
O/U 4.5 Sacks
playerTom Brady:
Will Tom Brady Throw a Touchdown
Yes or No
playerTom Brady:
Will Tom Brady Throw a Pick-Six
Yes or No

iconTeam Prop Betting

Prop betting has become extremely popular when it comes to the Super Bowl, and there are several unique props available to bet on. Sportsbooks will also feature team prop bets, and there will usually be a long prop bet list for each team. Here are a few examples of what this might look like:

  • New York Jets O/U 133.5 Total Rushing Yards
  • New York Jets O/U 14.5 Total First Downs
  • New York Jets Score Two Touchdowns in 1st Half Yes or No
  • New York Jets Record a Safety Yes or No

iconHow do I Bet on the Super Bowl LV 2021?

Even though betting on the actual game is the most common form of betting on the Super Bowl, there are ways to bet on the event as well. All of the betting on the event is done in the form of prop betting, which has become synonymous with the Super Bowl.

Betting on the event begins well before kickoff as sportsbooks will set odds on both the National Anthem and on the coin toss. A common bet that is offered is an over/under bet on the length of time that it takes the singer to finish the National Anthem.

Betting on the coin toss is also extremely popular, and it’s as simple as it sounds. Simply choose whether you think the coin will land on heads, or if it will land on tails.

The Halftime Show at the Super Bowl is another huge event in and of itself, and it features several great betting opportunities. Sportsbooks will offer some unique halftime show prop bets, and it’s a way for non-football fans to get involved in the action.

Finally, there are also bets available for things that will occur throughout the game, but will not involve the play on the field. Bets such as, “What color Gatorade will be dumped on the winning coach?” Or how many times will the broadcast crew refer to a certain name or event.

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iconWhere to Bet the Super Bowl:

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Betting on the Super Bowl is available online and at many casinos located in the state of New Jersey. There are also plenty of online options in other states, as well as casinos that will take bets on the game.

Online Sportsbooks to bet on Super Bowl 2021 online

In New Jersey, Super Bowl online betting is available from the comfort of your own home. Log in to your favorite online sportsbook and begin placing bets on the Super Bowl. Here is a list of a few of the top online sportsbooks in New Jersey:

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USA Casinos

If betting in person is more your style, be sure to head to Atlantic City, NJ, to place your bets. There are nine casinos in Atlantic City, and all of them will feature Super Bowl betting. Here are a few top options:

Here is a list of some top casinos to bet on the World Series:


iconSuper Bowl Betting Guide Summary

sports betting super bowl

Super Bowl betting is extremely popular in the United States, but it is also extremely important to sportsbooks and casinos. Sportsbooks have to be sure to set the lines correctly to make a profit on the big game.

With over $270 million bet on the Super Bowl at sportsbooks in 2020, that number could easily surpass $300 million in 2021. New Jersey is expected to see another huge boost in 2021 as they continue to challenge Nevada for the top sports betting state.

There are other major sporting events that see plenty of betting action, but none quite like the Super Bowl. If you have never placed a bet on the Super Bowl, this year is a great time to change that.

Super Bowl betting is an event and an experience that everyone should get involved with at least once in your life. There are so many ways to get involved and many different ways to win big, so place your bet on Super Bowl LV 2021 today!