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Premier League legend Alan Shearer is insistent. Runaway Liverpool should not be handed the League title if the season is not completed due to the Coronavirus pandemic

Debate over what should happen started almost immediately the Premier League was suspended late last week. It will not be allowed to resume until April, but the suspension could be extended if the virus is not contained.

Liverpool are 25 points clear at the top – Manchester City have played one game less – with nine matches remaining in their season. The Reds only need two more wins to be crowned the champions of England for the 19th time.

Winning the title this year, however, will give them only their first Premier League title. Their last First Division triumph came in the 1998/90 season before the start of the Premier League era.

But Shearer, 49, the Premier League’s highest goal-scorer and a man who represented England 63 times, is adamant. There is no way Liverpool should be crowned champions if the campaign is not completed.

Harsh and horrible, but only outcome

“If, and it is a huge if, the season cannot be completed then there is no way you can have a winner or loser,” he wrote in The Sun.

“As harsh and as horrible as that would be for some clubs – none more so than Liverpool – it is the only outcome.

“If you cannot complete the fixtures then you cannot go handing out titles or consider relegating anybody.”

“For Liverpool, it would be incredibly harsh,” he continued. “But I cannot see how it would be fair to hand them the title – despite the fact it is obvious nobody is going to catch them.

“They only need six points to wrap it up but they haven’t got them yet so for that reason it has to be declared null and void (if the rest of the season is cancelled).

“It would be very different if the season was suspended after they had got the points to win it.”But they haven’t and however horrible a scenario it would be, it’s the only option.”

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