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UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin sees “no way” in which Liverpool could be denied the Premier League title this season.

This despite the COVID-19 pandemic – and yes, even if the rest of the Premier League schedule is eventually cancelled.

The Merseyside Reds were all of 25 points clear atop the league standings last month when English football was suspended due to the coronavirus. At that time there seemed to be every intention of completing the league when the pandemic had passed.

However, with the UK still firmly in its grip, no one is sure of anything right now. It has been suggested that completing the Premier League might yet not be possible

If the season does resume with Jurgen Klopp’s men needing only half a dozen points, Ceferin is certain they will become the champions of England for the first time since 1990.

First Premier League title

Although it would be for the 19th time (the Reds are second only to Manchester United as England champions) it would be their first Premier League triumph.

The Premier League only came into being on the 15th August, 1992.

“I see no way to keep Liverpool untitled,” Ceferin told the Slovenian sports daily Ekipa.

“If it is played, then they will certainly win it – theoretically they have not reached the guaranteed level, but they are practically there.

“However, if it cannot be played, it would also be necessary to announce (formulate) the results in some way that would enable a champion to be determined. And of course again I don’t see any scenario that would not see Liverpool on top.

“I do understand that fans will be disappointed if it happens in an empty stadium or even at a green table. But I do believe they will win the title in one way or another.”

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Plan is for World soccer to complete their leagues

Ceferin insisted that the plan for global football was still for leagues around the world to be completed.

“I just spoke hypothetically,” he said. “We are also preparing for such scenarios, but not dealing with them as yet.

“At this point, we are fully committed to completing all competitions.”

Theoretically Manchester City, who has won the Premier League for the last two seasons, can edge out Liverpool.

They currently sit with 57 points to Liverpool’s 82. If they win all their remaining 10 games and total 87 points they can top Liverpool’s 82. But that’s only if the Reds lose all their matches.

And the whole world knows that this is just not possible – even in a world of fiction and fantasy.