DraftKings has extended its deal with data and technology provider Stats Perform.
Since the creation of DraftKings in 2012, they have been working with Stats Perform for their data and technology. They just extended this deal to partner for at least a few more years.

DraftKings has the ability to incorporate the data that Stats Perform can provide to assist their fantasy sports platform. This data allows the company to expand its contests to different sports and different locations across the globe.

This move not only generates more data but does so for almost every professional sports league. This includes most every major soccer league in the world, helping the market outside of the US.

Continuing To Grow

Currently, DraftKings is available in eight countries across 15 different sports categories. In the US, they provide gaming entertainment for more than 50 operators across 15 regulated state markets. And now, the number of states that are beginning to allow sports betting is constantly growing.

As it reads on the DraftKings website: “In recent years, many state legislatures have passed laws confirming and clarifying the legality of Daily Fantasy Sports contests. DraftKings monitors new developments and acts quickly to ensure it is in compliance with the laws in any jurisdiction where it operates.”

The company has shown that it has approved of the relationship they have built with Stats Perform.

“We are proud to continue our partnership with DraftKings to create a fun and exciting DFS experience for sports fans worldwide,” Stats Perform chief revenue officer Steve Xeller said. “Using Stats Perform data, DraftKings has sparked innovation and dramatic growth within the fields of predictive sports analytics and digital entertainment.”

The stats will also go a long way in their new DK Live, DraftKings’ play-by-play fantasy app.

Successful Public Company

DraftKings has become a large name in sports betting technologies. They have now gone public and have seen their stock prices continue to rise.

“DraftKings has become a premier destination for skin-in-the-game sports fans,” said DraftKings chief business officer Ezra Kucharz. “Our growing list of DFS games are extremely popular and require fast and accurate data for fans who are following along to games in real-time.”

This move is going to help the customer’s ability to operate on the platform. The data will offer a more customizable and quicker fantasy sports experience.

DraftKings is now looking to cash in the emergence of professional sports. Several sports are back, and even more have official dates for their return.

Many sports bettors have moved to stocks for the meantime, but it’s almost time for all of them to return.

In other news, some people are concerned about a high amount of shares being sold. Insiders sold a significant number of their shares to cash out.

During their rise, why would they sell now? It seems the company has made it through the roughest stretch of the coronavirus, but insiders still decided to sell.

It will be interesting to watch their stock move, and the benefits of their relationship with Stats Perform as professional sports return to play.